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About Me

Senior iOS/Objective-C developer experienced in mobile architecture and RESTful API design.
Senior C/C++ developer.

PhD and four years of experience as research fellow focusing in numerical real-time simulations, DSP, 3D graphic engines (Ogre, OpenGraph), embedded system development (AVR 8/32 bit / ARM linux embedded), HIL simulations, CAN/ModBus protocols and networks, mechanical milling processes simulation.

Consultant in control system design, plant modelling and analysis, digital control systesis.

Project Manager: agile development processes (Scrum and Kanban) and tools (Trello, Target Progess, Redmine, Podio, Jira)

Apart from working I play drum at semi-professional level with Roland V-Drums, Toontrack softwares for live playing and Reaper for backtracking. I definitely I love spending time with my family and listen to good live music...


Co-founder - CTO - iOS Developer

Rawfish srl
June 2012 to March 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • Lead iOS developer. I'm responsible for many iOS projects directly as developer and/or as team leader.
  • Project manager. I'm responsible for quotation, planning and execution of the development process coordinating resources on mobile/backend/web side. As a typical approach the management is agile organised in sprints and short releases with well-defined and measurable objectives.
  • Product manager. I worked a lot with team of designers and developers in order to get the best products in terms of user experience and technical solutions.
  • Architecture design. I always participate and contribute to the architectural design of the mobile applications in terms of backend structure, API design, 3-rd party integrations, etc.
  • Accounting. I'm used to relate to the customer from the early stages to the final delivery of the product, more often with the role of product or project manager.