Professional Status


About Me

Senior iOS/Objective-C developer experienced in mobile architecture and RESTful API design.
Senior C/C++ developer.

PhD and four years of experience as research fellow focusing in numerical real-time simulations, DSP, 3D graphic engines (Ogre, OpenGraph), embedded system development (AVR 8/32 bit / ARM linux embedded), HIL simulations, CAN/ModBus protocols and networks, mechanical milling processes simulation.

Consultant in control system design, plant modelling and analysis, digital control systesis.

Project Manager: agile development processes (Scrum and Kanban) and tools (Trello, Target Progess, Redmine, Podio, Jira)

Apart from working I play drum at semi-professional level with Roland V-Drums, Toontrack softwares for live playing and Reaper for backtracking. I definitely I love spending time with my family and listen to good live music...


Research Fellow

University of Trento
February 2012 to March 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Developer of a C/C++ library that simulates 3D milling machining process given the cutter's 3D working path, computes the MRR index and produces the final 3D workpiece. Two version are implemented, the first is based on a geometrical bodies representation implemented by means of the Spatial ACIS libraries and the second is based on the Octree 3D space modelization of the workpiece only.
  • Developer of on-board intelligent embedded systems in numerical control machines in C/C++.
  • Creator of DESF (Distributed Embedded System Framework) library, a multi platform communication layer that enables devices to connect each other over several communication protocols (I2C, USART, Wifi, Ethernet, etc) exchanging data and signals synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Developer of a C/C++ library used to control Bosch IndraDrive drives.